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Life Insurance Products

Let?s work together to secure your family?s financial future. We are caring; we are friendly; we truly want to help. We believe in our services and we have the ability to find you the right product that fits your needs and budget.


Health & Critical Illness Products

With our life expectancy increasing and medical advancements, the risk of living with critical illness is significant and the financial impact can be huge. Thus, critical illness insurance becomes a necessity. The products we offer are simple to understand and easy to afford.


Travel & Visitors Insurance Products

Our Travel Insurance products offer you protection and financial help in case of emergencies while you travel, or when your love onces are visiting you. We have very affordable plans from major travel insurance companies. We also offer monthly premiums plans for super visa travel insurance.


Insurance Products

Term & Mortgage Life Insurance

Our Term Life Insurance products are most affordable and provide coverage for 10,20 or 30 years term or for any specific number of years. Rates are guranteed for the term and most products are renewable and convertible to permanent coverage. Click on here for details or speak with an advisor.

Permanent Life Insurance

Pernament Life Insurance provides you coverage for your whole life and coverage never expires. Premiums are guaranteed and you have choice to pay in 20 years or whole life, in both cases coverage is for life. Most products comes with cash value. Click on here for details or speak with an advisor.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness can give you a tax-free payment if you’re diagnosed with a serious condition so you can focus on your recovery knowing that?you have money to help with your expenses. Click here for more details or speak with an advisor

Health & Disability Insurance

Are you looking for extended health plans? We work with major Canadian Health and Disability insurance companies and find you the best plan with multiple coverage level and choices. If you are self employed or contractor, please give us a call and let us find you a plan that cares and protects you and your family.?

Simplified and Non-Medical Products

Have you been declined by an insurance company? Are you hard to insure due to your profession or medical condition? We work with specialize insurance companies and have afforable choices of plans for Life and Critical Illness. Please?speak with an advisor.

Travel, Visitor & Super Visa Insurance

Weather you are traveling for business or pleasure, unexpected health and trip problems can occur. Protect your trip and minimize?disruptions with?affordable coverage for emergency medical expenses, baggage loss, trip?cancellations and All Inclusive plans. Please speak with an advisor

Investment Products

Investments & Savings

Grow your savings with sensible investment plans offered by several insurance companies. We help you choose the best plans for your investment and saving goals.?We have many choices in segregated funds, for all levels of risk tolerance with solid history of performance. They come with maturity & death benefit guarantee and provide you certainty and peace of mind.



Registered Education Savings Plan, commonly known as RESP, is a great and best way in Canada to save for higher education of their children.?RESP funds can be invested in countless ways and gains are tax-free as long as they funds are in account. RESP accounts get government?grant of 20% or upto maximum of $2500 per year per child.?


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